Tips For Feet Fitness: A Simple Exercise for Healthy and Pain-Free Feet

Ways in which we use our feet may cause annoying ankle and foot problems hence leading to other pains, injuries, and aches. If an acute injury has come by, it is recommended as a precaution you consult an orthopaedic specialist, your physician, and a podiatrist before you do anything.

I will illustrate simple points on undertaking ankle and foot exercises that may help you improve both flexibility and strength making you have healthy feet! The following tips will help you to stretch the calves effectively to keep them together with the heels more comfortable as well as strengthening the feet’s soles to eliminate or at least reduce foot cramps keeping your arches lifted.

Pointing and flexing practice is done in any angle and in any position, lying down, seated and with one or both legs at the same time.

You can do the Point and Flex exercise while seated.

  • Take an L-Seating position. For those with hips hence hamstrings become tight, may sit up on a box in order to achieve a taller back position. They may as well sit on a box with their back supported by a wall.
  • Keep your legs straight, but don’t lock them together, then reach for both heels away from your body to hinge or “Flex” the ankles. Try your best not to pull the toes back to flex the foot. Let the toes remain relaxed and lead from the heel to hinge the foot into the flexed position.
  • When you achieve your best flexed foot position, hold and breathe. Repeat this for 3 to 5 breaths and check whether you can reach farther out on the heel to deepen the flex on every breath out. If so you can achieves a better stretch.
  • For changeover to the pointed position, start by shifting to hinge from the ankle the foot in the other direction the furthest possible.
  • When you reach the endpoint of the ankle, apply the muscles beneath the sole of the foot to point the toes. Breathe in to continue prolong out through the foot’s top, breath out to compound the contraction under the foot’s sole to extend pointing the toes. Repeat this for 3 to 5 breaths.

Free the toes, and starting reaching out through the heel to hinge the ankle into the flexed position and repeat the exercise.

Repeat to alternate the point and the flex for 5 to 10 times.

All the best!