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It’s especially important to look after your feet if you have diabetes. Here’s how to take care of your feet and advice on when to get professional help.

Foot care tips if you have diabetes

See your podiatrist at least once a year.

Keep your feet clean and free from infection.

Wear shoes that fit well and don’t squeeze or rub. Ill-fitting shoes can cause corns and callouses, ulcers and nail problems.

Never walk barefoot, especially in the garden or on the beach on holidays and try to avoid sitting with your legs crossed.

Cut or file your toenails regularly.

Get corns or hard skin treated by a podiatrist.

Seek treatment from your podiatrist if foot blisters or injuries do not heal quickly.

Treat ulcers urgently, within 24 hours, especially if there is redness or swelling around the area, or in an area where you’ve previously been warned to seek immediate attention.

Stop smoking to protect your feet

If you have diabetes, it’s important to try to stop smoking. Smoking impairs the blood circulation, particularly in people with diabetes. It can seriously worsen foot and leg problems.

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